Banteay Kdei


The Bankeay Kdei, also known as 'Citadel of Monks' Cells' is a 12th century Buddhist monastic complex built under Jayavarman VII. Built from soft sandstone that has been weathered over the centuries, it lies in ruins today.

The architectural style of the Bankeay Kdei combines features from the Bayon and Angkor Wat, with halls laid out in a confusing labyrinth. The roof, decorated with naga and garuda balustrades and lions, is supported on free-standing columns in a cruciform layout, the atrium has square columns decorated with dancing apsaras, and there are false windows with lowered blinds as well as devatas with typical headdresses, similar to the Bayon. It has Buddha face-carved towers similar to Angkor Wat. Walk around to see the Hall of Dancers, and the different gopuras.

Bankeay Kdei is relatively less crowded than the other temples in Angkor, and you can explore it leisurely.



About Banteay Kdei

 Siem Reap, Cambodia

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