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Neak Pean is an artificial island with a Buddhist temple in the middle of the Jayatataka Baray, the last baray (artificial lake) to be constructed by a Khmer king in the Angkor area. Set in the midst of lush greenery with reflective pools of water, Neak Pean is popular for its gorgeous scenery. The central 70 metre x 70 metre square pond in which the temple stands represents Lake Anavatapta in the Himalayas, a mythical water body with healing powers at the centre of the universe. It is surrounded by 4 ponds in the cardinal directions representing the 4 great rivers, connected by chapels with sculpted fountainheads - elephant chapel to the north, human chapel to the east, lion chapel to the south, and horse chapel to the west. The circular island in the centre has a diameter of 14 metres, with a stepped base of 7 laterite tiers encircled by two Naga snakes (Nanda and Upananda) which guard the east entrance. In front of this entrance stands a statue of the mythical flying horse Balaha which is believed to rescue stranded sailors. The tails of the snakes intertwine at the west end, giving the temple its name Neak Pean which translates to 'entwined snakes'. Though originally dedicated to Buddha, the temple also contains Hindu images.



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 Siem Reap, Cambodia

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