Wheat Row, Washington DC

In a city full of row houses, these were the first, built in 1793.

In a city full of row houses, these were the first, built in 1793. The urban renewal plan sought to integrate the original buildings into the Harbour Square owners coop, and the buildings today serve their original intent.
















About Wheat Row

 1313-1321 4th St SW, Washington DC

Wheat Row and Nearby Sights on Map

Arlington National Cemetery

The Arlington National Cemetery is a military burial ground on the banks of the Potomac River in Washington DC

Kreeger Museum

Little known even to locals is this private house-museum with an impressive collection of paintings by the impressionist and early modern masters

Georgetown University Dalghren Chapel Quad

This quadrangle was the original land purchase upon the founding of the university

Exorcist Steps

Made famous by the movie, the 'Exorcist Steps' run between Prospect and M St just west of where the Key Bridge deposits people into D

Georgetown Waterfront Park

A new 10-acre National Park that traces the path of the Potomac River from the Key Bridge to the Washington Harbor Complex

Lincoln Memorial

Overlooking the lawns and Reflecting Pool of the National Mall in Washington DC, the Lincoln Memorial is an awe-inspiring monument that honors the 16th President of the USA

George Mason Memorial

Possibly the hardest memorial to find on the Mall-perhaps fitting for the least known founding father memorialized here

FDR Memorial

Filled with sculptures, wartime and depression era quotes, and numerous waterfalls which are beautifully lit up at night, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is one of DC's most peaceful and contemplative places for a walk

Korean War Veterans Memorial

Located in the West Potomac Park, the Korean War Veterans Memorial commemorates the 5

City Tavern Club

Built in 1796 as a neighborhood pub, the City Tavern is the oldest commercial structure in the city, and the second oldest building following the Old Stone House