Georgetown University Dalghren Chapel Quad, Washington DC

This quadrangle was the original land purchase upon the founding of the university.

This quadrangle was the original land purchase upon the founding of the university. The chapel (1893) at the south end, beautiful inside and out, is best known to the world for its role in the Exorcist, where the priests discovered the defaced statue of the Virgin Mary. The oldest building on the quad is Old North (1795) on the north side, from which Abraham Lincoln gave his speech in 1861 to Union soldiers stationed here. The best time to visit is undoubtedly at the end of the cherry blossom season, when the petals are beginning to fall throughout the quad.
















About Georgetown University Dalghren Chapel Quad

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Georgetown University Dalghren Chapel Quad and Nearby Sights on Map

Exorcist Steps

Made famous by the movie, the 'Exorcist Steps' run between Prospect and M St just west of where the Key Bridge deposits people into D


Georgetown is a historic neighborhood on the banks of the Potomac River which is home to the Georgetown University

City Tavern Club

Built in 1796 as a neighborhood pub, the City Tavern is the oldest commercial structure in the city, and the second oldest building following the Old Stone House

Georgetown Waterfront Park

A new 10-acre National Park that traces the path of the Potomac River from the Key Bridge to the Washington Harbor Complex

Tudor Place

A stately mansion built in 1815 by the son of the first mayor of Georgetown, and the step-granddaughter of one George Washington

Old Stone House

Built in 1765, this is the oldest original structure in Washington, D

Dumbarton Oaks

Most famous for its role in 1944, when world leaders convened here to draw up the United Nations charter

House of Sweden

A striking, award-winning modern building (2006), currently home to the Swedish Embassy

Oak Hill Cemetery

The Gothic chapel and gates were designed by the same architect who designed the Smithsonian Castle

National Cathedral

The Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in the City and Diocese of Washington, better known as the National Cathedral, is the seat of the Bishop of the Episcopal Church and the Bishop of the Diocese of Washington