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Filled with sculptures, wartime and depression era quotes, and numerous waterfalls which are beautifully lit up at night, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is one of DC's most peaceful and contemplative places for a walk. Spread over 7.5 acres along the Potomac and Tidal Basin, the memorial to the 32nd President of the United States is divided into four sections, each dedicated to one of Roosevelt's four terms in his 12 year presidency.

Room One, dedicated to his first term, has a bronze bas-relief of the first inauguration in 1933 when he launched the New Deal in response to the prevailing economic crisis. It also has the Presidential Seal and a Roman-American eagle. The single large drop of water symbolizes the crash of the economy that led to the Great Depression.

Room Two has the Breadline sculptural group which depicts the desolation of Americans during that era, as well as the Fireside Chat which symbolizes the hope that Roosevelt inspired in people. The open area has 5 pillars and a large mural depicting various scenes and objects. The multiple stairstep drops symbolize the Tennessee Valley Authority dam-building project.

Room Three covers the war term of 1940-'44, with a chaotic waterfall rushing down on giant granite blocks which represents the destruction and violence of World War II. It has the statues of Roosevelt and his dog Fala, along with a granite wall inscribed with his famous quote 'I have seen war …. I hate war'.

Room Four is dedicated to the last years of his life, with the monumental bas-relief of Funeral Cortege at the centre. It has a statue of Eleanor Roosevelt standing next to the United Nations emblem. The calm pool represents Roosevelt's death.



About FDR Memorial

 1850 West Basin Drive Southwest, Washington, DC, United States

 Nearest Transit: Smithsonian (Blue Line, Orange Line & Silver Line)

 +1 202-426-684


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