Watergate Hotel Complex, Washington DC

The Watergate is and will be best known for its role in the ending of Richard 'I am not a crook' Nixon's presidency.

The Watergate is and will be best known for its role in the ending of Richard 'I am not a crook' Nixon's presidency. On 17 June 1972 five men employed by Nixon's Committee to Re-elect the President were arrested for breaking and entering at the Democratic National Committee's rooms at the Watergate. The ensuing scandal led to revelations of enemies lists, 'campaign fraud, political espionage and sabotage, illegal break-ins, improper tax audits, illegal wiretapping on a massive scale, and a secret slush fund laundered in Mexico to pay those who conducted these operations.' And those infamous tapes. Conversations in the Oval Office were automatically recorded, and those conversations were subpoenaed in the Congressional investigation. The tapes revealed President Nixon's direct knowledge and involvement in criminal acts under investigation, as well as his deep seated moral corruption and personal bigotries.
















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 700 New Hampshire Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC, United States

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