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Located in the Constitution Gardens of the National Mall in Washington DC, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial honors members of the U.S. armed forces who fought in the Vietnam War, service members who died in service, and those who were Missing In Action during the War. The 2-acre complex has 3 separate parts –

  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, a stretch of two 247 feet long sections of reflective black stone set at an angle of 125° 12′, etched with the names of the 58,307 martyrs. The names on the 72 panels are listed in chronological order, based on the date of death, and within each day arranged in alphabetical order. The walls slope gently into the ground, going from 10.1 feet tall at their highest to a height of 8 inches at the ends, symbolizing a 'wound that is closed and healing'.
  • Three Servicemen Memorial, which features 3 bronze statues of uniformed soldiers representing the disparate groups that had to come together during the Vietnam War. The 7 feet tall sculptures stand on a granite base, and represent European American Marine (centre), African American Army (right) and Hispanic American Army soldiers.
  • Vietnam Women's Memorial, which commemorates the 265,000 women that served in the Vietnam War, many of whom worked as nurses. The 15 feet tall bronze structure depicts three uniformed women attending to a wounded soldier.



About Vietnam Veterans Memorial

 5 Henry Bacon Drive Northwest, Washington, DC 20245, United States

 Nearest Transit: Foggy Bottom-GWU (Blue Line, Orange Line & Silver Line)

 +1 202-426-684

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