Bieszczady Mountains, Krakow

Explore the gorgeous untamed wilderness of Poland's countryside at the Bieszczady Mountains in the south-east of the country.

Explore the gorgeous untamed wilderness of Poland's countryside at the Bieszczady Mountains in the south-east of the country. Part of the Outer Eastern Carpathians, it is located between the Łupków Pass and the Vyshkovskyi Pass. The highest areas of the Bieszczady Mountains form the Bieszczady National Park, which is a part of the East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve.

There are several hiking trails that take you into the heart of mountains, where you can get up close with the unique fauna that includes bears, wild boars, beavers, deer, bison, eagles, Aesculapian snakes, and some endangered species. As you walk along the grassy ridges, you will also come across several lakes, waterfalls, and caves. The highest peak in the Polish part of the mountains is the 1346 metre high Tarnica. The area also abounds in old wooden Greek Orthodox churches with domed roofs and intricate iconography, which you can further explore on the Podkarpackie Wooden Architecture Trail.

The 2 major road systems of Mala and Duza Petla Bieszczadzka run through the Bieszczady Mountains, and are well-connected with major stops at convenient spots in the region.
















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 Bieszczady, Poland

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