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Rynek Główny, the Main Square of Krakow, is the historic heart of the city laid out in the 13thcentury at the time of Krakow's charter. It is one of the largest medieval town squares in Europe, sprawling over 40,000 m2.

At the centre is the Sukiennice or Cloth Hall, or Sukiennice, a Renaissance style building that was once a cloth trade centre, but now houses the Gallery of the National Museum, Rynek Underground Museum, and souvenir stalls and cafes. The square is surrounded by several historic townhouses (kamienice), palaces and churches –

  • Wieża ratuszowa or Town Hall Tower is home to the Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Krakowa (Historical Museum of Kraków) showcasing photographs of the Market Square Exhibition.
  • Church of St. Adalbert (also Church of St. Wojciech) dates back to the 11thcentury and is one of the oldest churches in the city.
  • Monument to Adam Mickiewicz, Polish romantic poet who penned Pan Tadeusz.
  • Kościół Mariacki or St. Mary's Basilica is a 14thcentury brick Gothic church noted for its 2 soaring towers, and grand interiors which feature Veit Stoss’ altarpiece. A highlight is the hourly trumpet signal, Hejnał mariacki that is played from the top of the taller tower. The tune cuts off midway to commemorate the 13th century trumpeter who was shot in the throat while playing the alarm to warn citizens of the Tartar attack on Krakow.
  • Pałac Zbaraskich (Zbaraski Palace) from the 15thcentury houses the Goethe Institute.
  • Międzynarodowe Centrum Kultury (International Cultural Centre) is an institution for the promotion of culture housed in Pod Kruki.
  • Muzeum Kata Kacianora showcases medieval instruments of torture.
  • Muzeum Figur Woskowych is the Polonia Wax Museum, showcasing life size figures of celebrities.
  • Kamienica Bonerowska is a historical building from the 13thcentury named after banker Seweryna Bonera who lived here in the 15thcentury. It has been renovated several times over the centuries variously in Gothic, Renaissance, Mannerist and Rococo styles.



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 Szpitalna 40, 31-024 Kraków, Poland

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National Museum Krakow

National Museum Krakow(1 km)

Tatra Mountains

Tatra Mountains(0.5 km)
Go off the beaten path and get high on rarified air of the Tatras.


Wawel(0.7 km)
Nestled atop a limestone hill at an altitude of 228 metres on the banks of the Vistula River, the Wawel is an imposing fortified complex that has been home to rulers from 3 Polish dynasties since the 11thcentury.

Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle(0.8 km)
The crowning glory of Wawel in Krakow is the Wawel Castle, a 14thcentury grand palace that was once home to Polish royalty.

Wawel Cathedral

Wawel Cathedral(0.7 km)
The Basilica of Saints Stanislaus and Wenceslaus, better known as the Wawel, is the Polish national sanctuary and was the coronation site of the Polish monarchs.

Bieszczady Mountains

Bieszczady Mountains(0.2 km)
Explore the gorgeous untamed wilderness of Poland's countryside at the Bieszczady Mountains in the south-east of the country.

Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle(0.1 km)
The Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork was built in the 13thcentury by the Teutonic Knights as a fortified monastery on the southeastern bank of the Nogat, and has served as one of several Polish royal residences over the centuries.

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