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Nestled atop a limestone hill at an altitude of 228 metres on the banks of the Vistula River, the Wawel is an imposing fortified complex that has been home to rulers from 3 Polish dynasties since the 11thcentury. Its various buildings have been built during different times, and are in Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque, and Gothic architectural styles. Explore the grounds of the historic fortification and learn about the fascinating history of the castle on a guided tour of the premises.

Highlights of the complex are –

  • Royal Castle – The present structure mostly dates from the 14thcentury reconstruction, and has stately halls and magnificent chambers furnished with fine art, period furniture, Flemish tapestries, and rare ancient items. It showcases the Wawel Royal Castle National Art Collection, including the Crown Treasury and Armoury collection comprising jewelry, regalia, gilded and bejewelled goblets, platters, coins, cannons, pikes, crossbows and the Szczerbiec coronation sword.
  • Wawel Cathedral or Basilica of St Stanisław and St Wacław is the Polish national sanctuary and coronation church of Polish monarchs. It is noted for its breathtaking artwork, as well as the 13-tonne Sigismund Bell. St Leonard's crypt below the Cathedral contains the tombs of Polish monarchs, national heroes, generals and revolutionaries.
  • Cathedral Museum showcases the treasures of the Basilica.
  • Dragon's Den is a limestone cavern in the Wawel Hill that is the legendary home of the mythical Wawel Dragon that terrorized locals till it was slain by Krakus, who went on to found Krakow.
  • Silver Bell Tower is the oldest tower in the complex, with its base dating back to the 11thcentury. It has a burial vault below.
  • Sandomierska Tower stands at the southern end of the complex, and offers great views over the Castle and city.
  • The Oriental Art Collection in the west wing has works from Turkey, Crimea, Far East and Iran, including carpets, silks, tapestries, weapons and armoury, tents, and Chinese and Japanese ceramics.
  • The Lost Wawel exhibition showcases archaeological finds and architectural reserves from the Wawel Hill.

About Wawel

 Wawel 5, 31-001 Kraków, Poland

 +48 12 422 51 55


Wawel and Nearby Attractions on Map

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Wawel Castle

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The crowning glory of Wawel in Krakow is the Wawel Castle, a 14thcentury grand palace that was once home to Polish royalty.

Wawel Cathedral

Wawel Cathedral(0 km)
The Basilica of Saints Stanislaus and Wenceslaus, better known as the Wawel, is the Polish national sanctuary and was the coronation site of the Polish monarchs.

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