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The Puppenbrunnen or Fountain of Dolls on Krämerstraße was created in 1975 by Aachen sculptor Boniface Stirnberg. The fountain represents Aaachen, with the different parts signifying the many aspects of Aachen such as the prelate signifies the church, the fashion dolls symbolize the textile industry, the Harlequin is a symbol of culture, horse-rider and horse symbolize horse shows, the market-woman symbolizes commerce, and the carnival masks stand for festivity. The cock on top serves as a reminder of French occupation. Individual parts are movable, and can be arranged as you please.



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 Krämerstraße, 52062 Aachen, Germany


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Aachen Cathedral

Aachen Cathedral(0.1 km)
The Aachen Cathedral, also known as Imperial Cathedral, is a 9th century imposing church where 42 German monarchs have been coronated over the ages, from Otto I in 936 to Ferdinand I in 1531.


Domschatzkammer(0.1 km)
The Domschatzkammer or Cathedral Treasury in Aachen holds one of the most important church treasuries in northern Europe.

Centre Charlemagne

Centre Charlemagne(0.1 km)
The Centre Charlemagne – Neues Stadtmuseum Aachen is the city museum, tracing the evolution of Aachen from the Neolithic era to the present day.


Rathaus(0.1 km)
The medieval City Hall of Aachen is a striking Gothic building in the Old Town.

Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst

Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst(1.4 km)
The Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst is a modern art museum, showcasing European art from the 1960s onwards, and American pop and photorealistic art.

Aachen Christmas Market

Aachen Christmas Market(0.1 km)
Come winter, and the streets of the Old Town light up in anticipation of the festive season.

International Newspaper Museum

International Newspaper Museum(0.3 km)
The International Newspaper Museum in the Great House holds one of the world's largest collection of newspapers, with over 200,000 issues from the 17th to the 21th century.


Elisenbrunnen(0.2 km)
Built in 1827, the Elisenbrunnen (Elisa Fountain) stands as a symbol of the more than 30 thermal springs in the Aachen basin area.

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