National Arboretum, Washington DC

This is the biggest hidden gem of the city (quite literally).

This is the biggest hidden gem of the city (quite literally). The park's sprawling acres of carefully manicured gardens, and its wide collection of trees from around the world are fantastic for getting away from the urban world, and for a picnic. There are several attractions within the park worth seeking out, including the original columns from the Capitol Building's first incarnation, now standing alone mimicking Roman ruins, a Japanese garden, and a great bonsai collection. This is one of D.C.'s favorite hidden cherry blossom destinations-you can stroll serenely through them, while inwardly chuckling at the uninformed hordes sweating it out at the sardined Tidal Basin. They are not exclusively of the sakura variant downtown. Rather, there is an extensive collection of over 30 different flowering cherry trees, making for an excellent scavenger hunt!























About National Arboretum

 3501 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA

 +1 202-245-2726


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