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 Japan, 〒110-0001 Tōkyō-to, Taitō-ku, Yanaka, 7 Chome−14−8

 Nearest Transit: Nishi-Nippori (Line: (C))

 +81 3-3821-4474

Tennoji Temple and Nearby Attractions on Map

Nearby Attractions km / mile
Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum(1 km)
Established in 1872, the Tokyo National Museum is the oldest Japanese national museum.

National Museum of Nature and Science

National Museum of Nature and Science(1.3 km)
The National Science Museum in Tokyo focuses on the living world, with life-sized representations of practically every life form the earth has ever seen, from the blue whale (outside the old building) to hundreds of exotic insects.

Ueno Park

Ueno Park(1.5 km)
Ueno Park, adjacent to the station, is home to most of the attractions in the area, including the Ueno Zoo and a concentration of Japan's best museums.

Ueno Zoo

Ueno Zoo(1.1 km)
The Ueno Zoo, a part of Ueno Park, is Japan’s oldest zoo and home to over 460 species.

National Museum of Western Art

National Museum of Western Art(1.3 km)
The National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo's Ueno Park houses an extensive collection of Western art built around the personal collection of Japanese industrialist Matsukata Kojiro.

The Toyo Bunko

The Toyo Bunko(2 km)
The Toyo Bunko is a special library and a research institute of Oriental studies.

Bunkyo-ku Civic Center

Bunkyo-ku Civic Center(2.7 km)
The lavish government building for the Bunkyo ward of Tokyo, once described in the Japan Times as 'a colossal Pez candy dispenser.

Nezu Jinja

Nezu Jinja(1.2 km)

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