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 Donegall Ave, Belfast BT12 6LW, United Kingdom

Windsor Park and Nearby Attractions on Map

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Ulster Hall

Ulster Hall(2 km)

Queens Film Theatre

Queens Film Theatre(1.4 km)

Belfast Botanic Gardens

Belfast Botanic Gardens(1.2 km)
The Botanic Gardens in Belfast have been open to public since 1895, offering 28 acres of landscaped greenery.

Belfast Central Library

Belfast Central Library(2.7 km)

Linen Hall Library

Linen Hall Library(2.2 km)
The Linen Hall Library has a good collection of documents covering Irish history, especially The Troubles.

Lyric Theatre

Lyric Theatre(1.7 km)
The Lyric is the only full-time producing theatre in Northern Ireland, bringing to life some of the best works by Irish playwrights enacted by fine actors.

Belfast City Hall

Belfast City Hall(2.2 km)
Belfast City Hall on Donegall Square is the seat of the Belfast City Council.

Milltown Cemetery

Milltown Cemetery(1.5 km)

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