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The Promenade des Anglais runs along the Bay of Angels in Nice, stretching 7 kms from the airport on the west to the Quai des États-Unis on the east. The sandy stretch along the Mediterranean attracts sunbathers, while the paved area is good for walking, jogging, riding a Segway and skating. Major landmarks on the promenade include the Hôtel Negresco on Neptune Plage, the art-deco Palais de la Méditerranée, Musée des Arts Asiatiques, Parc Phoenix, Monument du Centenaire, and the giant iron sculpture La Chaise Bleu de SAB.



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 06000 Nice, France

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Promenade des Anglais and Nearby Attractions on Map

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Cours Saleya Flower Market

Cours Saleya Flower Market(0.6 km)
The Cours Saleya Flower Market in the heart of Old Nice is a riot of colors and fragrances, bursting with fresh blossoms, produce, olives, baked items and spices.

Vieux Nice

Vieux Nice(0.4 km)
Enclosed by Boulevard Jean Jaurès, Rue Catherine Segurane, Rue de Foresta, and the Quai des États-Unis along the Mediterranean, Vieux Nice is the old part of the city.

Petit Train de Nice

Petit Train de Nice(0.1 km)
Le Petit Train de Nice offers a 45 minute ride aboard a white mini-train that takes you around the major attractions in the city - Course Saleya Flower Market, Place Massena, Vieux Nice, Castle Hill, Front de Mer seafront esplanade, Bay of Angels, Promenade des Anglais, and Albert I Gardens.

Musée et Site Archéologiques de Nice-Cimiez

Musée et Site Archéologiques de Nice-Cimiez(2.8 km)
The Musée et Site Archéologiques de Nice-Cimiez is located on the site of the ancient Roman city of Cemenelum (Cimiez).

Palais Lascaris

Palais Lascaris(0.8 km)
The Palais Lascaris is a 17thcentury baroque mansion that houses the Musical Instruments Museum.

Monument aux Morts de Rauba Capeau

Monument aux Morts de Rauba Capeau(1.1 km)
The Monument aux Morts de Rauba Capeau is a sea-facing memorial in the old quarry cliffs of the castle hill commemorating the 4000 Nice citizens killed during WWI.

Théâtre Athéna

Théâtre Athéna(1 km)
The Theatre Athena presents comedy, music and drama performances in an intimate setting.

B Spot

B Spot(1 km)
B Spot is an entertainment and dining venue which presents live music performances.

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