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Easily the most well known of Moscow's many parks, Gorky Park used to be packed with theme park rides, but after undergoing major changes in 2011, it became one of the trendiest places in the city. New cafes, places to stroll, a pétanque cafe, an open-air cinema theatre, free Wi-fi, contemporary public art projects, design fairs and a new cafe policy make Gorky Park one of the most popular places in Moscow. In winter it's a popular place to ice skate and it hosts an ice sculpture competition. There are a lot of nice cafes and restaurants there (like Hachapuri with cold tomato soap and traditional Georgian hachapuri with cheese, Dom ribaka, Lebedinoe ozero and etc.). There is a lot of place for relaxing and working and a free open WiFi working through the whole park. You can rent a boat or bicycle. There is an open cinema theater Pioner. You can see the map and event timetable on the official website (Russian). Please consider that it's almost impossible to find a parking lot nearby on weekend without breaking the parking rules, so it's better to get there by bus or walk.



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 Leninsky Avenue, 15 а, Moscow, Russia


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