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Walk down this kitschy street and don't forget to look at the small by-streets around the Arbat. They allow you to feel the 'old Moscow spirit'. Arbat is full of souvenir vendors, tourist cafes, lousy restaurants, artists, etc. The prices of the souvenirs vary from reasonable to ripoff. Many of the vendors offer a very high price, but can be talked down if you speak Russian. The stores tend to offer the same merchandise but with fixed high prices.



About Old Arbat Street

 ул. Арбат, 42, Moscow, Moskovskaya oblast, Russia

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Church of the Ascension

Church of the Ascension(1.2 km)
Built to commemorate the birth of Ivan the Terrible, Kolomenskoye's Church of the Ascension upended the Byzantine style with its wooden conical tower, and proved to be a milestone in the history of Russian ecclesiastical architecture.

Pushkin Museum

Pushkin Museum(1.1 km)
Pushkin Museum is dedicated to Western art and has one of the world's most significant Impressionist and Post-Impressionist collections, along with some Old Masters.

Garden of Fallen Monuments

Garden of Fallen Monuments(2.5 km)
The Garden of Fallen Monuments, officially called the Muzeon Sculpture Park, is the graveyard to where several infamous statues in Moscow were relocated after the Soviet collapse.

Diamond Fund

Diamond Fund(1.5 km)
It holds the Imperial collection, including the crown jewels.

Christ the Savior Cathedral

Christ the Savior Cathedral(1.2 km)
This cathedral, the tallest Orthodox church in the world (the largest being the Temple of St.

Tverskaya Street

Tverskaya Street(2.1 km)
This street starts from the Kremlin itself and runs northwest in the direction of Tver (hence the name) and Saint Petersburg.

Moscow Zoo

Moscow Zoo(1.8 km)
The oldest and the biggest zoo in Russia, has over 1000 animal species.

New Arbat Street

New Arbat Street(0.5 km)
Located near Old Arbat Street, this street offers a contrast from the touristy pedestrian-only thoroughfare.

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