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The Prado Museum showcases one of the finest art collections in the world, and the best collection of classical art in Madrid. Focused on European art from the 12th to 19th century, it has an unparalleled collection of Spanish art, as well as Flemish and Dutch, Italian, and German paintings. Book your skip-the-line tickets with a guided tour and explore the museum with an expert to learn about the influential masterpieces and admire their details.

The Villanueva building houses the permanent collection, while the Jeronimos building showcases the temporary exhibitions. The basement of the Villanueva building houses the Decorative Arts collection, which showcases the spectacular Dauphin’s Treasure items of royalty.

The ground floor houses Greek and Roman sculptures, and the collection of Spanish Romanesque, Gothic, Medieval and Renaissance paintings from 1100 to 1910, including Bermejo’s Saint Dominic of the Silos, Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights, works by Sorolla, Aureliano Beruete, Eduardo Rosales, Federico de Madrazo, and of course, Goya’s Saturn devouring his Child and The Third of May 1808 which commemorates Spain’s resistance to the French in the Peninsular War. Also on display are ✓Flemish paintings from 1430 – 1570 (Van der Weyden’s Descent from the Cross) acquired when the Dutch were subjugated by Spain, ✓Italian paintings from the Renaissance era between 1300 to 1600 (Raphael’s The Cardinal and Madonna of the Fish, Fra Angelico’s The Annunciation), and ✓German paintings from 1450 – 1800, with works by Albrecht Durer including his Self Portrait and Adam and Eve.

The first floor has ✓French paintings from 1600 – 1800 (Poussin’s Parnassus), ✓Italian paintings from 1450 – 1800 (Titian’s Carlos V at the Battle of Muhlberg, Caravaggio’s David and Goliath), ✓German paintings from 1450 – 1800 ( Portrait of José Nicolás de Azara by Mengs), ✓British paintings from 1750 – 1850 (Lawrence’s John Fane, Tenth Count of Westmorland), and ✓Flemish paintings from the Dutch Golden Age between 1600 – 1700 (Rembrandt’s Judith at the Banquet of Holofernes). Highlights of the collection of Spanish paintings from 1550 – 1850 on this floor are ✓Ribera’s Jacob’s Dream, ✓Velazquez’s Las Meninas and The Drinkers, ✓Greco’s Knight with his Hand on his Chest, and ✓Cotan’s Still Life with Game, Fruit and Vegetables. Also on the floor are a collection of Goyas including The Naked Maja and The Family of Charles V.

The second floor has Spanish paintings from the 18th century, focusing on Goya. Check out The Parasol here.

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