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The Central Criminal Court of England and Wales is probably the most famous criminal court in the world, having been London's principal criminal court for centuries. It is also called Old Bailey from Norman French in which baillie means 'old courtyard'. The present building dates from 1907 and stands on the site of the infamous medieval Newgate Prison. The elegant Portland stone facade was designed in the neo-Baroque style by E. W. Mountford while the interior lobbies and staircase have Sicilian marble floors, mosaic arches and allegorical paintings representing Labour, Art, Wisdom, and Truth. The figure of Justice on the dome here is noteworthy, as it is not blindfolded in the way Justice has traditionally been represented.

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 Old Bailey, City of London, London EC4M 7HS, UK

 Nearest Transit: City Thameslink (Lines: Thameslink)

 +44 20 7248 32


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