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Better known as Fransız Sokağı or La Rue Française, i.e. 'French Street', is an alley of statues and geraniums hanging from windows, featuring France-themed restaurants, cafes, and pubs housed in renovated and brightly-painted neo-classical buildings. Upon its inauguration in its present form in 2005, there was a brief debate on how political correct it is to rename the street from Cezayir (Algeria) to Fransız, who fought a bitter war against Algerian independence in 1960s, which led the city council to abandon the idea of officially renaming the street.



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 Sinanpaşa Mh., Cezayir Cd, 34010 Beşiktaş/Istanbul Province, Turkey

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Ortaköy(1.6 km)
A neighbourhood on the bank of Bosphorus with the Ortaköy Mosque-the baroque mosque under the Bosphorus Bridge, combination of which are one of the most iconic images of Istanbul.

Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace(0.6 km)
It's the Ottoman Palace centered close to Taksim at the Dolmabahçe shore.

Maiden's Tower

Maiden's Tower(2.3 km)
Maiden's Tower, also called Leander's Tower, is built on a small islet surrounded by waters of Bosphorus off the Üsküdar coast where you can have breakfast before noon (a standard breakfast costs 35 TL pp), have drinks during day or dine (mid-expensive) inside the tower itself.

Maçka Park

Maçka Park(1.1 km)
This is a park occupying two sides of a valley of this hilly city, with an avenue in between.

Akaretler Street

Akaretler Street(0.4 km)
Akaretler Caddesi, or officially Süleyman Seba Caddesi features upscale garment boutiques, restaurants, and sidewalk cafes housed in recently renovated late Ottoman era rowhouses initially built for the state elite, given their proximity to Dolmabahçe Palace, imperial headquarters then.


Nişantaşı(2.6 km)
Nişantaşı is a neighbourhood east of Şişli/northwest of Maçka Park known for its Art Nouveau apartment buildings, ground floors of many of which are occupied by upmarket restaurants, cafes, pubs, and garment stores lining the sidewalks.

Istanbul Military Museum

Istanbul Military Museum(1.7 km)
Among the exhibition of this museum are five thousand pieces from the Ottoman era through the WWII, with the most prominent piece possibly being the huge chain that the Byzantines stretched across the mouth of the Golden Horn to keep out the Sultan's navy in 1453 during the siege of Constantinople.

Atatürk Museum

Atatürk Museum(2.2 km)
The historical 3-storey house, easily recognizable among concrete apartment buildings with its pink exterior, which the founder of Turkish Republic, Kemal Atatürk rented while staying in Istanbul before setting sail to Samsun on Black Sea coast to start the Turkish War of Independence.

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