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A neighbourhood on the bank of Bosphorus with the Ortaköy Mosque-the baroque mosque under the Bosphorus Bridge, combination of which are one of the most iconic images of Istanbul. This artsy neighbourhood is filled with nice cafes, some of which offer kumpir-a baked potato with various fillings such as mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, sweetcorn, sausage slices, carrots, mushrooms, Russian salad among others-which the neighbourhood is well-known for, and a perfect view crowded and fun. The way from Beşiktaş takes around 25 minutes on foot and is along an avenue shaded by huge plane trees, though the usually-heavy traffic may take some of its peacefulness away.



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 Istanbul, Turkey

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Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace(1.5 km)
Lying under the legs of the Bosphorus Bridge, this beautiful palace located amidst an attractive garden was built between 1861-1865 by Sultan Abdulaziz.

Cezayir Street

Cezayir Street(1.6 km)
Better known as Fransız Sokağı or La Rue Française, i.

Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace(2.1 km)
It's the Ottoman Palace centered close to Taksim at the Dolmabahçe shore.

Akaretler Street

Akaretler Street(1.8 km)
Akaretler Caddesi, or officially Süleyman Seba Caddesi features upscale garment boutiques, restaurants, and sidewalk cafes housed in recently renovated late Ottoman era rowhouses initially built for the state elite, given their proximity to Dolmabahçe Palace, imperial headquarters then.


Arnavutköy(2.8 km)
The neighbourhood of Arnavutköy (literally 'Albanian village', paying homage to its founders in 1500s) features impressive 4-storey wooden mansions which line the waterfront, all bearing significant artwork on their facades.

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