Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam

Rembrandtplein, named after the famous Dutch artist, has a statue of the painter in the middle.

Rembrandtplein, named after the famous Dutch artist, has a statue of the painter in the middle. The vibrant square is known for its nightlife.
















About Rembrandtplein

 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rembrandtplein and Nearby Sights on Map

Museum Willet-Holthuysen

The Willet Hothuysen mansion on the Herengracht Canal is now part of the Amsterdams Historisch Museum

The Amstel

The Amstel River is an arterial waterway in Amsterdam, flowing over a 31 kilometre route from its origins at the confluence of Aarkanaal and Drecht into the IJ Bay

Cat Cabinet

The KattenKabinet or Cat Cabinet is a cat museum displaying feline art from times long before lolcats and Grumpy Cat took over the internet


The Bloemenmarkt is the world's only floating flower market, with florists and garden shops set up on moored barges on the Singel between Muntplein and Koningsplein

Hash, Marihuana and Hemp Museum

The Hash Museum is dedicated to debunking the lies and demonization of the hemp plant

Museum Van Loon

The Museum Van Loon is a 17thcentury canal-house alongside the Keizersgracht, named after the Van Loon family that resided here in the 19th-20th century

Amsterdam City Archives

Housed in the monumental Brick Expressionism style De Bazel, the Amsterdam City Archives preserves official documents, letters, photos, drawings, maps, prints and audio-visual records tracing the history of the city

Torture Museum

The Torture Museum is certainly offbeat, with exhibits showcasing the history of different torturous techniques used over the centuries

Allard Pierson Museum

The Allard Pierson Museum, run by the University of Amsterdam, houses a Mediterranean archaeological collection of antiquities, art and artifacts from 4000 BC to 500 AD, including exhibits from ancient Egypt, the Near East, ancient Greece and Mesopotamia, Etruria, and the Roman Empire

Hermitage Museum

Housed in the classical 17th century Amstelhof building on the Amstel River, the Hermitage Amsterdam is a subsidiary of the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg, a reminder of the warm ties that Holland and Russia once had