Juneway Terrace Beach 3.2 rating


This is it: you've reached the end of Chicago, and it's a nice one, with lots of green space and a fun jump down to the sand. Daredevils can swim for freedom to Evanston.



About Juneway Terrace Beach

 W Juneway Terrace, Chicago, IL 60626, USA

 Nearest Transit: Howard (Line: Red Line, Purple Line & Yellow Line)

Juneway Terrace Beach and Nearby Attractions on Map

Nearby Attractions km / mile
Pratt Beach

Pratt Beach(2.1 km)
Aside from the tennis courts and the jogging paths, there are lots of interesting features to be found here: weeping trees left from this area's original incarnation as a swamp, a giant concrete sculpture for climbing, tennis courts, random public art installations, and best of all, the long pier leading out to an old lighthouse.

Loyola Park & Beach

Loyola Park & Beach(1.5 km)
Wide open spaces are here: room for soccer, basketball courts, and a public field for baseball (along with one non-public field).

Jarvis and Fargo Beaches

Jarvis and Fargo Beaches(1 km)
Less crowded than their neighboring beaches.

Rogers Beach

Rogers Beach(0.6 km)
The perfect size for a beach, with tennis courts and a cliff for contemplative strolls, picnic space and a modest strip of sand for swimmers.

Howard Beach

Howard Beach(0.8 km)
There's a pretty good playground here, and a modestly-sized beach.

Madonna della Strada Chapel

Madonna della Strada Chapel(2.9 km)
Art deco style meets religious devotion in the spectacular Madonna della Strada Chapel, built in 1938 on the grounds of Loyola University's campus.

No Exit Cafe

No Exit Cafe(1.6 km)
The No Exit Cafe was first opened here in 1967, going through chess, jazz, Go, and other phases along the way.

The Side Project

The Side Project(0.8 km)
They're new in the neighborhood, but the Side Project is quickly becoming one of Chicago's best storefront theaters.

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