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Iconoclasts by default, the resident company at the Raven has the courage to tackle classic American plays without putting a post-modern spin on the material or thrusting technology into the staging. It's kooky, but it works. Non-resident companies also find room to debut new works on the well-designed stage here.



About Raven Theatre

 6157 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL, United States

 Nearest Transit: Granville (Line: Red Line)

 +1 773-338-2177


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Pratt Beach

Pratt Beach(1.4 km)
Aside from the tennis courts and the jogging paths, there are lots of interesting features to be found here: weeping trees left from this area's original incarnation as a swamp, a giant concrete sculpture for climbing, tennis courts, random public art installations, and best of all, the long pier leading out to an old lighthouse.


Neo-Futurarium(2 km)
Andersonville - and the second floor of the Nelson Funeral Home, to be precise - is the home of the long-running late-night show Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind and its ever-changing menu of the funny, the profound, and the occasional tongue bath for a 20th century European ethos, intended to be accomplished within the confines of thirty plays in sixty minutes.

Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach(1.7 km)
Although the beach earned its original name (Hollywood Beach) from being at the end of Hollywood Avenue, the Lake Shore Drive high-rises in the background give this nice, long beach a slightly Miami look.

Loyola Park & Beach

Loyola Park & Beach(2 km)
Wide open spaces are here: room for soccer, basketball courts, and a public field for baseball (along with one non-public field).

Jarvis and Fargo Beaches

Jarvis and Fargo Beaches(2.5 km)
Less crowded than their neighboring beaches.


Andersonville(1.6 km)
You'll find several cute, stylish clothes boutiques for women in Andersonville.

Howard Beach

Howard Beach(2.8 km)
There's a pretty good playground here, and a modestly-sized beach.

Annoyance Theater

Annoyance Theater(2.8 km)
The Annoyance began with the long-running Co-ed Prison Sluts, which set the tone for what followed: fun, original shows with equal parts ironic kitsch and cheerful shock, led by Mick Napier, who directed some of Second City's best shows.

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