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One of the best neighborhood parks in the city. Welles Park is a perfect match for Lincoln Square: 15 acres of great facilities (tennis, softball, an indoor pool) that never feels remotely crowded, except when the Old Town School of Folk Music holds the free summer Folk & Roots Festival here.



About Welles Park

 2333 West Sunnyside Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States

 Nearest Transit: Western (Line: Brown Line)

 +1 312-742-7511


Welles Park and Nearby Attractions on Map

Nearby Attractions km / mile
Horner Park

Horner Park(0.8 km)
Great big wonderful park with plenty of softball fields, football and soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts, trees, and a nice walking path.

Prop Thtr

Prop Thtr(2.6 km)
Prop is the best place in Chicago to see smart, exciting new dramatic theater, from 'Porno Zombies' to Daley biographies.

Music Box

Music Box(2.3 km)
Chicago's foremost source of cinematic delight, with two screens for classic and world-premiere independent movies and the occasional mini-festival.


Neo-Futurarium(2.1 km)
Andersonville - and the second floor of the Nelson Funeral Home, to be precise - is the home of the long-running late-night show Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind and its ever-changing menu of the funny, the profound, and the occasional tongue bath for a 20th century European ethos, intended to be accomplished within the confines of thirty plays in sixty minutes.

Krause Music Store

Krause Music Store(0.3 km)
Built in 1922, this was the last commission of legendary architect Louis Sullivan.

Graceland Cemetery

Graceland Cemetery(2.2 km)
The Graceland Cemetery is a large Victorian era cemetery and arboretum spread over 119 acres in the north side community area of Uptown.


Andersonville(2.3 km)
You'll find several cute, stylish clothes boutiques for women in Andersonville.

Wunders Cemetery

Wunders Cemetery(2.3 km)
Overshadowed by the magnificent Graceland Cemetery across the street in Uptown, the smaller, slightly overgrown Wunders was established in 1859 and features some intriguing monuments, with more of a forgotten-by-time atmosphere than its more famous neighbor.

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