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This building was originally designed as a bank by Whitney & Williams when it was built in 1920. The society houses non-profit art galleries which focus on promoting cultural communication between Europe and the United States. The society also hosts film festivals exploring European cinema, art exhibitions, and concerts.



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 1112 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL, United States

 Nearest Transit: Division (Line: Blue Line)

 +1 773-486-9612

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Lincoln Hall

Lincoln Hall(2.9 km)
One of the best concert venues in Chicago, Lincoln Hall is a former movie theater (Fullerton Theater) that received a beautiful renovation in 2009 and now hosts good, moderately priced indie rock shows most nights of the week.

Flat Iron Arts Building

Flat Iron Arts Building(1.4 km)
The Flat Iron Building in Chicago is an artist colony, housing studios of visual artists, dancers, theatre artistes, and musicians.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park(2.4 km)
Sprawling over 1208 acres on the shore of Lake Michigan, Lincoln Park is Chicago's largest public park.

Mid-North Historic District

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Remy Bumppo Theater Company

Remy Bumppo Theater Company(2.8 km)
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The Show Below

The Show Below(1.3 km)
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Kavi Gupta Gallery

Kavi Gupta Gallery(2.5 km)
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Victory Gardens

Victory Gardens(3 km)
One of the premier Off-Loop theaters in Chicago, Victory Gardens hosts a noteworthy slate of original plays and adaptations both fun and dramatic.

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