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Named for President Andrew Jackson and the site of the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893. The most prominent monument remaining from the event is the fully gilded 'Statue of the Republic.' Other sites include the Osaka Garden on the Wooded Island, a series of lagoons designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, and several well-hidden bird watching trails along the water.



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 Jackson Park, Chicago, IL, USA

 Nearest Transit: Cottage Grove (Line: Green Line)

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Oriental Institute Museum

Oriental Institute Museum(1.7 km)
The University of Chicago Oriental Institute has one of the best collections of ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern archeology in the world, which is moreover free, small, very well exhibited, and basically started by Indiana Jones.

Museum of Science and Industry

Museum of Science and Industry(0.9 km)
No tour of Chicago's museums is complete without a visit to the Museum of Science and Industry in Jackson Park.

Robie House

Robie House(1.6 km)
This fabulously impractical house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the world's most famous examples of the Midwestern 'Prairie School' of architecture, which aimed to create buildings with prominent horizontal lines evocative of the prairie landscape.

Court Theatre

Court Theatre(2.2 km)
Excellent dramatic theater on the University campus.

University of Chicago Presents

University of Chicago Presents(1.8 km)
The University of Chicago Presents hosts numerous classical music performances in Hyde Park, usually featuring big-name national and international performers for relatively low prices.

Regenstein Library

Regenstein Library(2.1 km)
If you are not a student and are not on a tour, you can't enter the gigantic collection of over 4.

The Renaissance Society

The Renaissance Society(2 km)
A small gallery of avant-garde painting, which will appeal greatly to aficionados, less so to casual visitors.

Midway Park

Midway Park(1.6 km)
A large, long grassy park, intended for the World's Fair, with grandiose plans of arched bridges over a canal connecting the lagoons of Washington and Jackson Parks, but which today mostly serves to give visitors a good view of the University of Chicago.

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