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 Opera Land، EL GEZIRAH، الزمالك، محافظة القاهرة‬، Egypt

 +20 2 27370598

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Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum(1 km)
Housed in a Neoclassical building by Marcel Dourgnon from 1900, the Egyptian Museum (also known as Museum of Egyptian Antiquities) in Cairo is home to the largest collection of pharaonic antiquities in the world.

Beit El Umma Museum

Beit El Umma Museum(1.4 km)
Beit El-Umma or House of the People is an elegant mansion that was built as the residence of Egyptian Prime Minister Saad Zaghloul at the turn of the 20thcentury.

Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower(0.3 km)
The Cairo Tower is the tallest structure in North Africa, rising to a height of 187 metres over 90 floors.

Oum El Dounia Gallery

Oum El Dounia Gallery(1.2 km)
The Oum El Dounia or 'Mother of the World' is a charming gallery that showcases local crafts including glassware, ceramics, jewellery, and trinkets that you can pick up as souvenirs.

Manial Palace Museum

Manial Palace Museum(1.8 km)
The Manial Palace and Museum is an Ottoman era museum built by Prince Mohammed Ali Tewfik in 1899 - 1929.

Nile River Cruise

Nile River Cruise(1.6 km)

Old Cairo

Old Cairo(1.8 km)
Old Cairo is a historic neighborhood along the banks of the Nile in south Cairo that encompasses the remnants of cities which were capitals before Al-Qahira, such as Fustat, Al-Askar and Al-Qatta'i.


Zamalek(2.4 km)
Zamalek is the northern part of the Gezira Island in the Nile, known for its affluent neighborhoods with Art Deco style buildings, gardens, luxury hotels, clubs, and the Egyptian Opera House.

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