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Manzana de las Luces or 'Illuminated Block'. This block, surrounded by the streets Alsina, Moreno, Peru and Bolivar, is home to many of the most importants and traditional educational, religious and cultural institutions of Buenos Aires, dating back to the 17th and 18th century. The name of this block comes from the number of intelectual institutions that were present in the old days. One of the most interesting attractions is a mysterious subterranean network of tunnels that communicates each building.



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Manzana de las Luces and Nearby Attractions on Map

Nearby Attractions km / mile
Palacio Barolo

Palacio Barolo(1 km)
Don't miss this architectural gem in Buenos Aires, designed in accordance with the cosmology of the Divine Comedy.

The Port

The Port(1.2 km)
The Port - one of the defining images of BA is the brightly coloured houses clustered by the port / river.

The Obelisco

The Obelisco(1 km)
The Obelisco looks suspiciously like the Washington Monument.

French Embassy Palace

French Embassy Palace(2.4 km)
One of the most beautiful buildings in Buenos Aires.

Florida Pedestrian Mall

Florida Pedestrian Mall(1.1 km)
Florida pedestrian mall is good for shopping and also for watching the street tango dancers and other performers.

Centro Cultural Recoleta

Centro Cultural Recoleta(3.2 km)
Exhibition and cultural events centre.

Torre Monumental

Torre Monumental(2.1 km)
Clock tower gifted by the local British community in commemoration of the centennial of the May Revolution of 1810.


Skyline(1.2 km)
Great views of the new skyline at night.

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