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The most exclusive and beautiful side of Palermo, and even inside of this subneighborhood, there is 'La Imprenta' a couple of city blocks, with axe in migueletes and maure streets. Las Canitas remarks: It's an area with lots of nice restaurants, parrillas (Argentinean beef), sushi, specialized/ ethnic restaurants (Thai, Mexican, Greek, lyrical, custom, international, Chinese, Italian, French, German, etc). Modern buildings, nice cars on the streets, upscale people, in general it's quiet especially during daylight. Close main avenues are Libertador Ave. and Luis Maria Campos. El solar de la abadia shopping mall has also cinema, food court and cloth as any shopping mall. Outdoors close to Las Canitas: Golf course, polo fields, race, Palermo lakes, bosques de palermo (crossing Libertador Ave).



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Palermo Las Canitas and Nearby Attractions on Map

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