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San Telmo Market

San Telmo Market(2.4 km)
San Telmo Market Daily market housed in a huge wrough-iron hall.

El Zanjon de Granados

El Zanjon de Granados(2.6 km)
The most important architectural building in San Telmo and one of the most important of the city.

Plaza Dorrego

Plaza Dorrego(2.3 km)
Plaza Dorrego The second oldest plaza in Buenos Aires, six days a week the plaza is a relatively quiet, shady space lined with restaurants and cafes.

Pasaje San Lorenzo

Pasaje San Lorenzo(2.5 km)
Pasaje San Lorenzo.

La Botica del Angel

La Botica del Angel(3.5 km)
Church/Old House that offers guided tours and where many cultural events take place.

Museo Casa Taller

Museo Casa Taller(0.2 km)
The Clara Chevalier Museum is AR$ 3 and included a guided tour by Ms.

Museo Historico Nacional

Museo Historico Nacional(1.5 km)
Museo Historico Nacional, 1600 Defensa, open noon to 6 pm except Mondays.

La Bombonera

La Bombonera(0.4 km)
La Bombonera - the 49,000 capacity home of Boca Juniors - the most famous football club in Argentina and club of its most famous son - Diego Maradona.

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