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 Budapest, Szentendrei út 135, 1031 Hungary

 +36 1 250 1650

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Thermae Maiores Baths

Thermae Maiores Baths(2.5 km)
The Thermae Maiores Baths were part of the 2nd century legionary fortress that was discovered during the first excavations in Aquincum in 1778.

Aquincum Civil Amphitheatre

Aquincum Civil Amphitheatre(0.5 km)
The Aquincum Civil Amphitheatre dates back to the 3rd century, built outside the city walls about a 100 years after the bigger Military Amphitheatre.

Florian Square

Florian Square(2.7 km)
Florian Square is an archaeological site with the ruins of the 2nd century Roman camp of the Aquincum Legion.

Kassák Museum

Kassák Museum(2.5 km)
The Kassák Museum presents the life and works of Hungarian writer and artist Lajos Kassák.

Zsigmond Kun Folk Art Museum
Magyar Kereskedelmi és Vendéglátóipari Múzeum
Vasarely Múzeum

Vasarely Múzeum(2.5 km)
The Vasarely Museum of Fine Arts presents Hungarian artist and Op-Art pioneer Victor Vasarely 's works.

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