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The Ferenc Koka Collection showcases drawings and paintings by Hungarian artist Ferenc Koka.



About Ferenc Koka Collection

 Budapest, Visegrádi utca 6. földszint/1., 1132 Hungary

 +36 1 329 3596

Ferenc Koka Collection and Nearby Attractions on Map

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Miniversum(1.2 km)
Miniversum has 1:100 scaled, intricately detailed model layouts of major sights and landmarks from Budapest and Hungary, as well as few from Austria and Germany.

Kossuth Memorial

Kossuth Memorial(0.7 km)
The Kossuth Memorial was built in front of the Hungarian Parliament Building to honor former Governor-President of the Kingdom of Hungary, Lajos Kossuth.

Lajos Kossuth Square

Lajos Kossuth Square(0.8 km)
The Kossuth Lajos Square on the banks of the Danube is Budapest's most important square, surrounded by the Hungarian Parliament Building, Museum of Ethnography, and Kossuth Tér Massacre Memorial.

Boscolo Budapest Hotel

Boscolo Budapest Hotel(2 km)
Formerly known as The New York Palace, the Boscolo Budapest is a grand building in typical Hungarian eclectic style.

Hungarian Electrical Engineering Museum

Hungarian Electrical Engineering Museum(1.7 km)
The Elektrotechnikai Múzeum showcases electrical devices and household electrical equipment, along with exhibits on the electrification of the railway system and different lighting systems.

Millennial Monument

Millennial Monument(1.9 km)
The Millenial Monument on Heroes' Square was built in 1896 to honor Hungarian heroes on the event of the 1000th anniversary of the Magyar conquest in 895.

Obuda Synagogue

Obuda Synagogue(2.8 km)
Budapest's oldest synagogue, the Obuda Synagogue is a Neo-Classical building dating from 1820.

Vigado Square

Vigado Square(1.9 km)
The Square in front of the Vigado Concert Hall on the Danube Promenade has a Children's Fountain and the famous statue of the 'Little Princess'.

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