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Located on a peninsula of the Căldăruşani Lake in Gruiu village, the Căldăruşani Monastery is a breathtaking Orthodox monastery that dates back to 1638. It has several historical monuments such as the Church of Saint Demetrius, Church of Saint John the Evangelist in the cemetery, Pinacotheque, and the Church Saint Barbara.

Founded by Wallachian ruler Matei Basarab on the site of an old wooden hermitage, the monastery stands out at the edge of the former Vlăsiei Woods. It rose to become a major spiritual centre under Abbot Gheorghe de la Cernica in the 18th century. The monastery is noted for its rich iconography painted by Nicolae Grigorescu in 1854-'55, which includes works such as Isus și samarineana (Jesus and the Samaritan Woman), Isus învățător (Teacher Jesus), Sfinții Constantin și Elena (Saints Constantin and Elena), and Încoronarea Fecioarei Maria (Coronation of Virgin Mary). The art gallery of the monastery also showcases the collection of Bishop Gennady Petrescu.



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 Șoseaua Mânăstirea Căldărușani, 077116, Romania

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