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 24 Avenue Paul Héger - Paul Hégerlaan, Brussels 1000, Belgium

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La Cambre Abbey

La Cambre Abbey(0.8 km)
The Abbey of La Cambre is a medieval Cistercian abbey founded in 1201, and subsequently rebuilt over the centuries, mostly in the 18th century.


Tenbosch(1.4 km)

Bois de la Cambre

Bois de la Cambre(1.2 km)

Leopold Park

Leopold Park(2.8 km)

Place Flagey

Place Flagey(1.7 km)
It is the old broadcasting headquarters and now houses the regional TV station TVBrussel.

Natural Sciences Museum of Belgium

Natural Sciences Museum of Belgium(2.6 km)
The museum is well-known for its famous collection of iguanodons (dinosaurs discovered in a coal-mine in Belgium).

Maison Cauchie

Maison Cauchie(2.9 km)
Built by Paul Cauchie in 1905, the house has a spectacular Art Nouveau façade.

Thieffry Metro Station

Thieffry Metro Station(2.6 km)
Famous metro station named after Belgian WWI air ace Edmond Thieffry.

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