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 Brussels, Belgium

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Atomium(2 km)
The Atomium is an icon of Brussels and Belgium, created in 1958 for the World Fair in Brussels.

Musées d'Extrême-Orient

Musées d'Extrême-Orient(2.3 km)
Intriguing complex of three buildings in the Laaken area, not far from the Atomium.

Laeken Cemetery

Laeken Cemetery(0.7 km)
The Laeken Cemetery, next to the Church of Our Lady of Laeken, is the final resting place of notable residents of Brussels such as symbolist painter Fernand Khnopff, architect Joseph Poelaert, and dramatist Michel de Ghelderode.

Royal Castle of Laeken

Royal Castle of Laeken(1.5 km)
The Royal Palace of Laeken is the official residence of the King of the Belgians and the royal family.

King Baudouin Stadium

King Baudouin Stadium(2.2 km)

Serres Royales de Laeken

Serres Royales de Laeken(1.9 km)
The huge Royal Greenhouses of Laeken have several rare tree species and are open in spring when flowers are in bloom.


Mini-Europe(1.9 km)
Hosts a set of scale models of famous European structures.

Church of Our Lady of Laeken

Church of Our Lady of Laeken(0.8 km)
The Church of Our Lady of Laeken is a 19th century neo-Gothic Roman Catholic church, built in memory of Queen Louise-Marie by king Leopold I.

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