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The Résidence de la Cambre was the first high-rise built in Ixelles, dating back to 1939. The Art Deco building is nicknamed Tour Chicago for its architecture.



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 Brussels, Belgium

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La Cambre Abbey

La Cambre Abbey(0.3 km)
The Abbey of La Cambre is a medieval Cistercian abbey founded in 1201, and subsequently rebuilt over the centuries, mostly in the 18th century.


Tenbosch(1 km)

Bois de la Cambre

Bois de la Cambre(1.6 km)

Great Synagogue of Europe

Great Synagogue of Europe(2.9 km)

Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire (MRAH)

Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire (MRAH)(2.7 km)
This museum has an important collection of art objects from different civilizations from all over the world.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium(3.1 km)
Features both historical art and modern art in the one building.

European Parliament

European Parliament(2.4 km)
Multimedia-guided tours in all official EU languages.

Horta Museum

Horta Museum(1.8 km)
The home of noted Belgian Art Nouveau architect and designer Victor Horta.

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