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 Brussels, Belgium

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Basiliek van het Heilig Hart

Basiliek van het Heilig Hart(1.5 km)
The fifth biggest church in the world, with an impressive interior and an amazing view over Brussels and its surroundings.

Cantillon Brewery

Cantillon Brewery(2.3 km)
The Cantillon Brewery is the last traditional gueuze / lambic brewery in Brussels which uses wild atmospheric yeast for fermentation.

Astrid Park

Astrid Park(2.6 km)

Constant Vanden Stock Stadium
Belgian Chocolate Village

Belgian Chocolate Village(1.7 km)
Located in the erstwhile Victoria chocolate factory at Koekelberg, the Belgian Chocolate Village is a museum that takes visitors through all aspects of chocolate - from its history to manufacturing, economics, and nutritional benefits.

Musée Bruxellois des Industries et du Travail

Musée Bruxellois des Industries et du Travail(1.8 km)
The Brussels Museum of Industry and Labor presents exhibitions on the economical, social and industrial life of Brussels and its residents.

Musée d'Art Religieux Moderne

Musée d'Art Religieux Moderne(1.4 km)
The Museum of Religious Modern Art in the Basilica of Koekelberg is dedicated to modern Belgian religious paintings and sculpture from the 20th - 21th century.

Musée de Chine des Missionnaires de Scheut

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