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City Square is first site of the Massachusetts Bay Colony government started in 1630.



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 City Square, Boston, MA 02129, USA

 Nearest Transit: Community College Station (Orange Line)

City Square and Nearby Attractions on Map

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Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail(1.4 km)
The Freedom Trail is a 2.

Boston Chinatown Gate

Boston Chinatown Gate(2.3 km)
The Chinatown Gate at the corner of Beach Street and Surface Road (T: South Station) is the most visible symbol of Chinatown for the tourists.

U.S.S. Constitution

U.S.S. Constitution(0.5 km)
The USS Constitution is the world's oldest afloat commissioned warship, docked in the Charlestown Navy Yard in the Boston National Historical Park.

Boston National Historical Park Visitor Center

Boston National Historical Park Visitor Center(1.4 km)
National Park Service Rangers lead a free 90 minute walking tour along the heart of Boston's Freedom Trail where you can learn about Boston's role in the American Revolution.

Boston Opera House

Boston Opera House(2 km)

African Meeting House

African Meeting House(1.4 km)
The African Meeting House is the oldest extant black church in the United States, built in 1806.

Boston Children's Museum

Boston Children's Museum(2.4 km)

Sports Museum of New England

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