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Why visit a mental hospital? Because the historic grounds and buildings are beautiful (if a little run-down and creepy). On top of that, you can see some great views from here of the D.C. skyline. The hospital was founded in 1852 as the first major government-run mental institution, and at its peak housed 7,000 patients, which at one point included both President Lincoln's and President Garfield's assassins. The hospital still operates, but on a much reduced scale. The Department of Homeland Security plans to relocate here in 2010 (and to destroy most of the architectural heritage in the process), so drive by to see the grounds while you still can. You aren't really supposed to drive into the facility, but a little smooth talking at the gate can get an architecture buff inside.



About Saint Elizabeth's Hospital

 1100 Alabama Ave SE, Washington, DC 20032

 Nearest Transit: Congress Heights (Green Line)

 +1 202-299-500

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