A monument in memorial of U.S

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Peace Monument, Washington DC

A monument in memorial of U.S.

A monument in memorial of U.S. naval deaths at sea during the Civil War stands at the northeastern end of the Capitol Reflecting Pool, bearing an assembly of four statues. Grief weeps over History at the top. Facing outwards is Victory, holding a laurel of victory, and flanked by young Mars and Neptune. Facing the Capitol is the statue of Peace, holding an olive branch, and surrounded by symbols of prosperity.
















About Peace Monument

 Washington, DC, United States

Peace Monument and Nearby Sights on Map

United States Capitol

Nestled on a plateau in Capitol Hill at the eastern end of the National Mall in Washington DC, the Capitol is a power centre, home to the House of Representatives and the Senate

James Garfield Monument

In tribute to the tragically slain president, the statue's base is surrounded by three statues of a student, a warrior, and a statesman, representing his distinguished academic, military, and political careers, which preceded his short tenure as the nation's leader

Ulysses S Grant Memorial

Grant's monument occupies the single most prominent location on the Capitol Grounds, directly over the reflecting pool

Robert Taft Memorial

Grandson of the 27th president William Howard Taft, Senator Robert Taft's had a distinguished career of his own in the United States Senate

U.S. Botanic Garden

The national conservatory is one of the least visited attractions around the Mall, and that is one of the best reasons to visit

National Museum of the American Indian

The newest of the Smithsonian museums displays the cultural traditions of the Native peoples of North, Central, and South America

Canadian Embassy

The U

Voice of America

The Voice of America is an international multimedia news broadcast facility operating around the clock, famous around the world, especially for broadcasts conducted throughout Nazi-occupied Europe and later the former Soviet Union during the Cold War

Supreme Court

The awe-inspiring Neoclassical Supreme Court Building is the seat of the hallowed institution of the Supreme Court of the United States and the nerve center of the Judicial Branch of government

National Gallery of Art

The staggering depth and breadth of the world-class collections here are a clear testament to U