National Crime and Punishment Museum, Washington DC

This museum is the 'other' flashy, and exceptionally expensive, East End tourist attraction (other than the Spy Museum, that is).

This museum is the 'other' flashy, and exceptionally expensive, East End tourist attraction (other than the Spy Museum, that is). The whole history of crime and punishment is on display, from Colonial times, through the Wild West, and even up to today's white collar jerks. On the punishment side, you can explore the interior of a recreated police station, jail cells, or (rather disturbingly) an electric chair and a lethal injection machine. The simulators are rightly popular-try a car chase or the FBI firearms training. The museum is also home to the old America's Most Wanted TV show studio. Not good for kids.























About National Crime and Punishment Museum

 575 7th Street Northwest, Washington, DC, United States

 +1 202 393-109


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