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Saska Kępa is a mostly residential neighborhood that is freckled with numerous embassies, but is unique for the cozy cafes and restaurants that line one its most well-known streets, ul. Francuska. In the evening, the neighborhood is an idyllic setting for a stroll, which can be topped off by watching the sunset over the Eastern skyline of Warsaw, dominated by the Palace of Culture and Science, while grilling or drinking by a couple of the city-provided grills on the banks of the Vistula. If you go to grill, be sure to bring some bug spray. This neighborhood is also located immediately next to the National Stadium.



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 Saska Kępa, Warsaw, Poland

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Skaryszewski Park

Skaryszewski Park(1.2 km)
Directly across the street from Stadium Narodowy, this park with a lake isn't as well known as some of the others, nonetheless a pleasant park for a stroll or to read a book.

Asia-Pacific Museum

Asia-Pacific Museum(1.7 km)

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