The Museum District, Vienna

Has served as a cultural district of Vienna since 2001.

Has served as a cultural district of Vienna since 2001. Though many museums and cultural institutions are situated there, it is not only a place for art. It is also an urban living space and people go there to spend some time, sitting in one of the cafés or perhaps playing boccia. It is also popular to meet friends for a BYOB evening here. The Leopold Museum and the MUMOK are here. If you are interested in visiting a couple of these museums, combination tickets available at the MQ entrance will be cheaper than buying them individually at museum entrances.
















About The Museum District


The Museum District and Nearby Sights on Map

Kunsthalle Wien


The Museum of Moderner Kunst has a collection of 7000 modern and contemporary art works, including major works from Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Joseph Beuys, Nam June Paik, Wolf Vostell, Gerhard Richter, Jasper Johns and Roy Lichtenstein

Leopold Museum

The Leopold Museum, housed in the Museumsquartier in Vienna, Austria, is home to one of the largest collections of modern Austrian art, featuring artists such as Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka and Richard Gerstl

Austrian Parliament Building

The Austrian Parliament Building is a magnificent and imposing building in marble where the Nationalrat (National Council) and Bundesrat (Federal Council) meet

Kunsthistorisches Museum

One of the world's greatest art museums and in a palace that is a work of art itself

Vienna Museum

A museum documenting Vienna's history

Natural History Museum (Vienna)

This museum was erected as a mirror to its twin museum, the Museum of Fine Arts

Haus des Meeres Aquarium Zoo

A marvelous zoo, with a rain forest glasshouse, tiny apes, aquariums with sharks, and terrariums with reptiles and venomous snakes

Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts

A gallery owned by the Academy of Fine Arts, to which Hitler applied to before he decided to change to politics

Neue Hofburg

The newest and largest section of the Imperial Palace