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A very beautiful park, inaugurated in 1888 by Austrian emperor Franz Joseph. The park is situated at the location of and presumably named after a Turkish entrenchment ('Türken-Schanze') of the first Turkish siege on Vienna in 1529. Due to the contiguity to the University of Agriculture, the park also features a variety of botanic rarities from all continents.



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Grinzing(2.3 km)
Dating back to the times of Roman settlement in Vienna, this is the oldest neighbourhood of the Döbling district and is famous for its vineyards and 'Heurige' (Austrian wine taverns).

Pathological and Anatomical State Museum

Pathological and Anatomical State Museum(2.1 km)
Housed in a squat tower, which once was an insane asylum, the Narrenturm (Fool's Tower), this museum contains some of the dustier corners of the annals of medicine.

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