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A street full of shops, cafes and restaurants.



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 Oranienstraße, 10999 Berlin, Germany

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Neues Museum

Neues Museum(2.7 km)
The Neues Museum or New Museum on Berlin’s Museuminsel stands as a monument to 19th century art appreciation, museum design and technological innovation.

Hanf Museum

Hanf Museum(1.9 km)
The Hemp Museum in Berlin is dedicated to the hemp plant, covering its cultivation, harvesting, and the processing of its different parts for use in various products.


Neptunbrunnen(2.3 km)
Neptunbrunnen is a bronze fountain by Reinhold Begas, built in 1891 as a present from the city of Berlin to the Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Rotes Rathaus

Rotes Rathaus(2.1 km)

Alte Nationalgalerie

Alte Nationalgalerie(2.7 km)
The Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery) on Berlin’s Museum Island is a part of the Berlin National Gallery, displaying artwork mainly from the 19th century, ranging from the idealism of early Neoclassicism and Romanticism to the great European movements of Impressionism and Symbolism, including Biedermeier and early Modernism.


Weltzeituhr(2.3 km)
Built in 1969, the 16-ton communist-era Urania World Clock on Alexanderplatz shows the time in different zones around the world.

Old Jewish Cemetery

Old Jewish Cemetery(3 km)

Deutsches Historisches Museum

Deutsches Historisches Museum(2.5 km)
German historical museum covering everything from pre-history right up to the present day.

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