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There are only a few minor sights and museums to explore in Prenzlauer Berg. Of some interest is the atmosphere in the streets, sitting down in a nice cafe and watching the hip crowds go by.



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 Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

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Gethsemanekirche(1.1 km)
The Neo-Gothic Gethsemane Church was one of the important meeting points of opposition against the East German regime in 1989, and later a centre of the civil rights movement in a unified Berlin.

Hanf Museum

Hanf Museum(2.7 km)
The Hemp Museum in Berlin is dedicated to the hemp plant, covering its cultivation, harvesting, and the processing of its different parts for use in various products.


Neptunbrunnen(2.4 km)
Neptunbrunnen is a bronze fountain by Reinhold Begas, built in 1891 as a present from the city of Berlin to the Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Rotes Rathaus

Rotes Rathaus(2.5 km)


Weltzeituhr(2.1 km)
Built in 1969, the 16-ton communist-era Urania World Clock on Alexanderplatz shows the time in different zones around the world.

Museum in der Kulturbrauerei

Museum in der Kulturbrauerei(0.7 km)
The Museum in der Kulturbrauerei presents 'Alltag in der DDR' (Everyday Life in the GDR), offering a glimpse into the lifestyle of East Germany residents when Berlin was divided.


Kollwitzplatz(0.5 km)

Old Jewish Cemetery

Old Jewish Cemetery(2.3 km)

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