Gleis 17 Grunewald


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Christi-Auferstehungs-Kathedrale(1.6 km)
The Christi-Auferstehungs-Kathedrale is a Russian Orthodox church built in Russian-Byzantine style built with a central onion dome and 4 small onion domes in the roof gussets.


Grunewald(0 km)
Grunewald is a scenic locality well known for its forested area with lakes and ponds.


Funkturm(1.5 km)
The 150 metre tall Funkturm was earlier used for broadcasting radio and television, but now houses a restaurant at 55 metres above ground and an observation deck at a height of 126 metres.

Haus des Rundfunks

Haus des Rundfunks(1.9 km)
Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg.

Berliner Funkturm

Berliner Funkturm(1.5 km)
Radio Tower Berlin and Messe.

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