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Seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Tokyo. Designed by the famous architect Tange Kenzo, this ultramodern church was built in the 1960s to replace an older structure that was destroyed during the war.



About St. Mary's Cathedral

 Japan, 〒112-0014 Tōkyō-to, Bunkyō-ku, 文京区Sekiguchi, 3 Chome−3−16−15

 Nearest Transit: Gokokuji (Line: (Y))

 +81 3-3941-3029

St. Mary's Cathedral and Nearby Attractions on Map

Nearby Attractions km / mile

Gokokuji(0.9 km)

Yushukan War Memorial Museum

Yushukan War Memorial Museum(2.7 km)
The Yushukan War Memorial Museum, attached to the Yasukuni Shrine, displays a collection of military artifacts and paraphernalia from the Meiji Restoration to the Pacific War.

The Toyo Bunko

The Toyo Bunko(2.7 km)
The Toyo Bunko is a special library and a research institute of Oriental studies.

Koishikawa Kōrakuen

Koishikawa Kōrakuen(2.1 km)
Laid out in the 17th century, this splendid traditional garden boasts a large collection of trees and flowering plants that provide touches of beauty all year round.

Pokemon Center Tokyo

Pokemon Center Tokyo(1.9 km)
One of 6 stores dedicated to the cute popular Pokemon characters.


Rikugien(2.8 km)
A classical Japanese park with ponds, hills and teahouses, originally built in 1695 by Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu, a Tokugawa daimyo.

Metropolitan Art Space

Metropolitan Art Space(2.5 km)
Has the world's longest escalator and offers various exhibits and concerts.

Kyu-Furukawa Teien

Kyu-Furukawa Teien(2.2 km)
Probably Tokyo's best-preserved early Edo-era Western-style mansion, designed by English architect Josiah Condor.

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