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Completed on 26 Aug 1993, this gateway to Odaiba is among the most beautiful modern bridges in Japan. The Rainbow Bridge is decorated with 444 lights, which change according to the seasons.



About Rainbow Bridge

 Minato, Tokyo 105-0000, Japan

 Nearest Transit: Shirokane-Takanawa (Line: (N))

 +81 3-5463-0224


Rainbow Bridge and Nearby Attractions on Map

Nearby Attractions km / mile
Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower(2.7 km)
Soaring to a height of 332.


Toyota MEGA WEB(2.3 km)
Palette Town (Yurikamome Aomi or Rinkai Tokyo Teleport).

Zōjō-ji Temple

Zōjō-ji Temple(2.4 km)
Founded by Yūyo Shōsō in the 14th century, the Zōjō-ji is the headquarters of the Chinzei branch of Jōdo-shū Buddhism.


Daikanransha(2.3 km)
Palette Town (Yurikamome Aomi or Rinkai Teleport Town).

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art(2.8 km)
This small museum hosts a variety of interesting exhibitions in a 1930's house which is a great example of modern architecture in pre-war Japan.


Sengaku-ji(2.2 km)
A temple most famous as the resting place of the 47 Ronin, a famous group of samurai who banded together to avenge their unfairly slain master.


Miraikan(2.5 km)
Yurikamome Fune no kagakukan or Telecom Center.

Museum of Maritime Science

Museum of Maritime Science(2.2 km)
A six-story museum shaped like a full-sized ocean liner, unsurprisingly devoted to ships.

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